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Drone Military

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Welcome to the Drone Military Corporation

In Drone Military, you take the role of Pilot Zero, the premier pilot of the unmanned multi-role fighter program. Along with your artificially intelligent copilot N.O.R.A., you will carry out missions vital to our nation’s security. You pick the targets, N.O.R.A. flies the drone, and you fire the weapons: together you are unbeatable. But, you should be informed that N.O.RA. Has a tendency to be unpredictable: you never quite know what she will do. It’s always best to clear her path and let her go!

How to Play


Tap a plane or its indicator to select it as a target and fire a missile.
Touch and drag to override N.O.R.A.’s piloting.
Select a piloting mode for N.O.R.A.
Tactical Mode: N.O.R.A. will try to line up a shot on the target while avoiding a collision.
Aggressive Mode: N.O.R.A. will aggressively and recklessly pursue the target.
Directional Mode: N.O.R.A. will fly in any direction you indicate by tapping.


Dark Red: Enemy
Bright Red: Targeted Enemy
Yellow: Priority Enemy
Blue: Friendly


The key to success is properly prioritizing your targets.
Pay attention to the mission objectives!
Know when to run away.