Deep Space Exploration Simulator

Experience a throw back to the days of hard core simulation! Deep Space Exploration is a no-compromise space flight simulator with a focus on real problems of today. Featuring a realistic model of the solar system and its orbital dynamics, this game will challenge you to design, implement, and execute a deep space mission. Whether it be a fly-by tour of the outer planets or a sample retrieval from a near Earth asteroid, find out for yourself why "Space is hard!"

Solar System Model

Realistic, scale model of the solar system. Over 250 bodies including 8 planets, 72 dwarf planets and 184 natural satellites.

N-Body Physics

Orbital motions are represented through an n-body physics simulator. Nothing is on rails allowing for a more accurate representation of orbit perturbations.

Modern Day Technology

Modern and near future technology simulation. This is not a trip to the past nor a pie-in-the sky future filled with super ships. Modern day limitations must be overcome to explore our solar system.

Mission Design

Plan your mission including trajectory planning and launch window determination. Use real strategies such has hohmann transfers and gravity assists to minimize fuel requirements and time to destination.

Mission Control

Once your mission is launched, provide support for navigation and course updates as needed.

Mission Software

Write the software that will execute course maneuvers and operate instrumentation necessary to carry out your mission.

Unmanned Flights

Unmanned flights are completely dependent upon the quality of your software. Updates may be uploaded assuming you are still in communication with your probe. Bandwith limitations and round trip communication times are additional challenges which must be overcome.

Manned Flights

While manned flights are still highly dependent upon mission control, the human elements are add more depth to a mission. Whether you are executing docking maneuvers in space or attemping to achieve a controlled landing on a body, you will find "space is indeed hard."

True Exploration

This is a game about pure exploration: travelling the solar system. No combat, no piracy, no trade: just conquering space! Achieve more advanced technology for future missions based upon your accomplishments.

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